First century technical terms

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Re: First century technical terms

Post by nazarene » Wed May 29, 2019 10:35 am

Orphanized Amen

The apostle Paul taught that one should be able to hear and understand what is being prayed for;

1Co 14:16 Else, if you bless in the spirit, the one occupying the place of the unlearned, how will he say the amen at your giving of thanks, since he does not know what you say?

In doing so, he was following along with standard halacha in regards to prayer;

[ A ] Taught R. Oshaia [PA1], ``A person may answer `Amen,` [upon hearing the blessings after the meal] even if he did not eat [at that meal]. But one may not say, `Let us recite the blessings to Him of whose bounty we have eaten` [the invitation to recite the blessing over the meal], unless he has eaten [at that meal].``
[ B ] It was taught, ``They do not answer with an orphaned [isolated] `Amen,` or with a cut off `Amen` or with a hasty `Amen.```
[ C ] Ben Azzai [T3] says, ``One who answers with an orphaned `Amen,` his children shall be orphans, with a cut off `Amen,` his years will be cut off, with a hasty `Amen,` his soul will be cut down.
[ D ] ``[But one who answers] with a long `Amen,` his days and his years will be lengthened with goodness.``
[ E ] What [case] is an ``orphaned `Amen```? R. Huna [BA2 or PA4] said, ``One who was obligated to recite a blessing who responded `Amen,` but who did not know to whose blessing he answered.`` y.Ber.8.8, 61b-62a
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Re: First century technical terms

Post by nazarene » Sun Jun 16, 2019 4:41 pm

A sin unto death...

1Jn 5:16 If anyone sees his brother sinning a sin not unto death, he shall ask; and He shall give life to him, to the ones not sinning unto death. There is a sin unto death. I do not say that he should ask about that.

A sin unto death was a technical term employed in the second Temple period and also a targumic term;

And again, it is written a second time: ’Cursed be he who lieth with the wife of his father, for he hath uncovered his father’s shame’; and all the 13 holy ones of the Lord said ’So be it; so be it.’ And do thou, Moses, command the children of Israel that they observe this word; for it (entails) a punishment of death; and it is unclean, and there is no atonement for ever to atone for the man who has committed this, but he is to be put to death and slain, and stoned with stones, and rooted out from the midst of the people of our God. 14 For to no man who does so in Israel is it permitted to remain alive a single day on the earth, for he 15 is abominable and unclean. And let them not say: to Reuben was granted life and forgiveness after he had lain with his father’s concubine, and to her also though she had a husband, and her husband 16 Jacob, his father, was still alive. For until that time there had not been revealed the ordinance and judgment and law in its completeness for all, but in thy days (it has been revealed) as a law of 17 seasons and of days, and an everlasting law for the everlasting generations. And for this law there is no consummation of days, and no atonement for it, but they must both be rooted out in the midst 18 of the nation: on the day whereon they committed it they shall slay them. And do thou, Moses, write (it) down for Israel that they may observe it, and do according to these words, and not commit a sin unto death; for the Lord our God is judge, who respects not persons and accepts not gifts. [Book of Jubilees, chapter 33]

And the Lord said to Aharon, Thou wilt not receive a possession in their land as the rest of the tribes, nor wilt thou have a portion among them: I am thy Portion and thy Inheritance in the midst of the children of Israel. And, behold, I have given to the sons of Levi all the tenths in Israel for a possession, on account of their service with which they serve in the work of the tabernacle of ordinance. And the sons of Israel shall no more come near the tabernacle to incur the sin unto death; but the Levites shall minister in the work of the tabernacle, and shall bear their sin if they be not diligent in their work. [Targum Jonathan Numbers XVIII]

A sin unto death came under the severest definition of sin.
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