Pilate’s name written on a block of limestone.

Yahweh, the Eternal, is the author of Yahshua’s message which is written in the Scriptures.
Yahshua means the ‘Salvation of  Yahweh‘ and no other name has salvation in it.
No one named Jesus was born in first-century in Israel.
The word ‘Jesus’ came from the Greek attempt to transliterate the name Yahshua [יהושע] to Greek. The result was the word Ἰησοῦς (Iēsous) and when it was translated to other languages became ‘Jesus’. Some scholars are of the opinion that this name may have come from the name of a Greek healing goddess Ieso or Iaso.

When the angel Gabriel appeared to Joseph the husband of Mary, the name that he should give the Saviour was revealed to him. Most translations render this event in this or similar manner

Matthew 1:21 [KJV]
And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.

This sentence ‘call his name Jesus because he shall save his people’, makes no sense because the incorrect name ‘Jesus’ does not imply salvation. But if His real name is used

Matthew 1:21 [The Scriptures 2009]
And she shall give birth to a Son, and you shall call His Name יהושע {Yahshua, the salvation of Yahweh} for He shall save His people from their sins

Here this sentence makes sense because salvation is implied in the name Yahshua.
Some use Yeshua. But, «shua» or «oshua» means salvation and the question we must ask ourselves is whose salvation is it? Is it the salvation of ‘Ye’ or the salvation of ‘Yah’? Yahshua is the salvation of Yah or YahwehIt is the name that Yahweh, through the angel Gabriel, told Mary to give to His Son, our Saviour.
The Christian  ‘Jesus Christ’ IS NOT the Israelite Yahshua the Messiah
They have taken Yahshua’s Hebraic image and replaced it with a Greco-Roman image. They converted Him into a Man-God (as the Greeks and Romans always have done), denying His true nature as well as the purpose of His coming and gave him a Christian image that He never had.
It would be easy to find Yahshua in the Torah and in the Prophets, but the enemy taught the people that the Torah had been abolished so that they would not look for Him there.
They manipulated the Scriptures, removed truth, added verses, and words that agreed with the Greco-Roman image and doctrine they wanted to give Him.
In the year 325 after Yahshua, in the Council of Nicea, the unification of this new religion (Roman Christianism) was established. Then the fear of hell-fire (a Greek form of punishment) was instilled in the minds of believers as well as the false doctrine of the ‘trinity’. Eventually, they changed Yahweh’s Sabbath (Saturday) to Sunday (the day of the invincible sun).
This false religion spread throughout the Greco-Roman world rapidly because it was forced on the people on penalty of death. Believers that did not comply with this new set of beliefs were massacred and almost totally exterminated. History shows the assassinations,  tortures, and persecution they endured.
Yahshua was not Greek or Roman. He was an Israelite and spoke Hebrew and Aramaic. He came to proclaim and fulfill His Father’s message.
On one occasion, speaking to His disciples Yahshua the Messiah said:

Matthew 15:24 [Nazarene Commentary]
24 I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Yisra’el.

Are you part of Yisra’el? If you claim to believe in Messiah Yahshua then you are part of Yisra’el!

The promises were given to the Seed of Abraham…this Seed led to Yisra’el (Jacob) which ultimately leads to Messiah Yahshua! – Galatians 3:16

 If you are a believer in Messiah Yahshua then you have been grafted into the commonwealth of Yisra’ĕl (The Olive Tree) and contrary to nature will produce fruit that resembles or are the SAME as Yisra’elRomans 11:24
(Yisra’el does not refer to the nation known today by the same name, it refers to the people of Yahweh who first assembled at mount Sinai after leaving Egypt. It was composed of the 12 tribes of Israel and people from other nations. Today they are scattered all over the world. It is a spiritual dimension. )

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